What is Soul-Based Astrology?


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This introductory course gives you a solid understanding of Soul-Based Astrology: what it’s all about, how it differs from other astrology teachings and, most importantly, how it can change your life. Q&A included from the end of this class.

Feel free to contact Sonja via email if you have questions while watching the course. If it’s something more involved for her to answer, she will invite you to schedule a one-on-one tutoring session with her via Skype or phone.


About Sonja’s Soul-Based Astrology Courses

Each of the Soul-Based Astrology courses come as video-audio recordings with lots of visuals and hand outs.

You are considered a student of Sonja’s once you have started watching one of the Soul-Based courses offered (including the mp3-Chiron workshop she offers; however it does not include the “Intro to Soul-Based Astrology” nor the “How to Read your Birth chart” class.)

Here is a detailed list of what each of Sonja’s Soul-Based Astrology courses/classes covers:​

Soul-Based Basics Course: the birth chart

  • class 1: Elements, Modality, Rulerships
  • class 2: the Moon in a Fire, Air, Water or Earth sign; 12 zodiac signs
  • class 3: Planetary cycles, the planets, Sole Dispositor, Mutual Reception, a planet in its own sign or house
  • class 4: the Houses, angles, planets on the angles
  • class 5: major aspects, orbs, T-Squares, Grand Crosses, Grand Trines and Yods
  • class 6: Moon phases at birth; how is everything interconnected in the birth chart; quick look at the Moon Nodes in our charts

Beyond the Basics: our Soul’s Journey

  • class 1: Moon Nodes
  • class 2: Chiron
  • class 3: Uranus and Neptune
  • class 4: Pluto

Solidification Training: a step-by-step approach to reading your or someone elses Birth chart

  • class 1-4: Real examples of how to read a birth chart (4 practice charts)

Advanced Soul’s Journey: transits, progressions and more

  • class 1: Secondary Progressions (difference between Solar Arc and Secondary); Progressed Moon, progressed Sun, progressed Ascendant
  • class 2: progressed Moon cycles between progressed and natal Moon
  • class 3: Transits/planetary cycles; Saturn cycles in relationship to the natal chart
  • class 4: Chiron and Uranus transits in relationship to the natal chart
  • class 5: Neptune and Pluto transits in relationship to the natal chart
  • class 6: Eclipses, Retrograde phases (including Stations and Shadow phases); in particular: Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde phases

Master class: a step-by-step approach to preparing and reading Transits and Progressions

class 1-5: Real examples of how to read transits and progressions in relationship to a birth chart (5 practice charts)

I also offer a Certification of Completion for my Soul-Based Astrology Curriculum; however, you are only eligible for such a certificate, if you have completed the whole Curriculum (5 courses), have done all the home assignments for each class (25 classes in total), and have had at least two 60 minute or four 25-min. One-on-One Tutoring sessions with me by the end of completing the Master Class (which is the last course of the Curriculum).

If you join the Star Membership, you will receive one 25-minute Tutoring session per course purchased.

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