Readings by Lia Pelusi

Lia is a certified Soul-Based Astrologer. She was mentored by Sonja Francis and completed the whole Soul-Based Astrology Curriculum in March of 2021. Just like Sonja she offers a Whole Life Reading.

The Natal Chart reveals the planets as they were at the time of your birth. During a reading with Lia, you will uncover your life’s potential — including your Soul’s Journey and Soul Purpose.

Lia will also look to see how the current transits are affecting you in your life right now to support you in making powerful choices for your personal evolution.

“Oh my goodness! What a wonderful reading! I study my chart constantly, and Lia taught me so many new things about myself and my chart that I didn’t know before. I had so many “ah ha” moments throughout our entire conversation! She helped me to realize the validity of my life decisions and that my soul is on the right path for me. She answered all my questions with careful thought and consideration. She also gave me tools to work with for upcoming transits!!! I highly recommend Lia… you won’t regret it!” — Erin from Tennesse

“Lia is very knowledgeable and helped me understand the best way to navigate the upcoming major transits in my chart. Lia is very compassionate and has a beautiful spirit.” — Lekeisha from the Bay area



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