"What I loved about the Monthly Forecasting Forum is Sonja's soulful approach to astrology, keeping it in the positive, learning and growing for our higher good. It's not fear based astrology which I have come to see too much of. Sonja is extremely patient and kind, and a true teacher. I look forward to learning and growing with this beautiful soul." 

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To apply the forecasts and videos to your own birth chart, watch the 30-minute class on "How to Read Your Birth Chart" and feel free to go to Sonja's Facebook fan page for her Daily Forecasts.


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"Thank you for the awesome webinar, Sonja. I really enjoyed the full interactive experience. Having this real time exchange makes a huge difference to the learning and understanding of all these patterns and energies. I love the question and answer section, especially since we get some advance indication of what the topics will be. I have been an amateur astrologer for many years but I learned an awful lot very quickly in this setting. So much fun. See you next time!" 

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The Natal Chart reveals the planets as they were at the time of your birth. During a reading with Sonja, you will uncover your life’s potential — including your Soul’s Journey and Soul Purpose. More importantly, you will learn how you can direct those unique talents and energies to have a life you love.

You also learn about parts of yourself that have not been fully integrated and what you can do to become more whole and empowered. Sonja will also look to see how the current transits are affecting you in your life right now to support you in making powerful choices for your personal evolution.

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