Astrology is an ancient science based on the observation of how the planets move in sky in relation to the natal chart—the position of the planets at the time of birth. But every tool is just as useful or as powerful as the consciousness of the person who uses the tool.


What Is Soul-Based Astrology?

Soul-based astrology is a love-based model of astrology focused on the integration of energies that enable you to live your life in wholeness, knowing your soul’s journey and purpose.

In soul-based astrology, observation and compassion are key elements in translating astrological data–instead of judgment and fear. When interpreting something in your chart, judgment and fear exclude and repress energies; but observation and compassion include and nurture energies—serving the purpose of wholeness and empowerment.

Soul-based astrology brings the heart connection to the complex intellectual tool of astrology and enables the student, client or astrologer to look at things from a higher perspective and not from mental conditioning. In her soul-based astrology courses, Sonja Francis trains people to really look for the “gold in the chart” and to see how the information can be used for growth.


Soul-Based Astrology Is Different…

The process of becoming whole involves honoring all of your energies. Soul-based astrology differs from other astrological perspectives in that it embraces all planets and all signs in the natal chart with the goal of really loving and accepting yourself fully and completely.


The Most Effective Way to Use It

To use astrology consciously, you need to observe what a planet or aspect means to you personally. Using weekly and monthly astrological forecasts of current transits and progressions in conjunction with your birth chart helps you become conscious of the different energy shifts that are occurring. This process can help you live your life on purpose, developing compassion for yourself and others and really growing on a human level and a soul level.

Soul-based astrology is a tool for unlocking the astrological chart and the soul’s potential instead of confining it. With soul-based astrology even the most difficult aspects can be seen as the most profound keys to wholeness.


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