Birthday Reading (Solar Return)




Note: This service is only available to clients who have already had a Whole-Life Reading with Sonja. If you haven’t had a Whole-Life Reading with Sonja, you must purchase the Combined Natal and Solar Return Reading.

Start your Personal New Year™ empowered from a higher level of consciousness.

At the moment of your birth, the Sun occupied a particular place in the sky — and once a year, it returns to the exact same place. This “Solar Return” is the most precise way of marking your birthday — and also marks the beginning of a new life cycle.

In this 60-minute reading, you will learn what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for you — and how to generate the next year of your unique life from a place of conscious creation. Includes a copy of your Solar Return chart and a recording of the session.

Please note that since this reading follows on from the Natal Chart reading, it is only available to existing clients.

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