A client of mine wrote to me the other day: “I had a question about Chiron in Pisces…I was born in 1968 so my Chiron is in Pisces. Is this time especially more significant for me in (healing) because Chiron is now in my Natal Chiron/pisces?”
Thank you for reaching out and asking that question.

 If you were born in 1968 your Chiron is probably in a very late degree of Pisces. This means that you are getting an opportunity for the next 5 years to do some deep emotional and spiritual healing. Chiron is also connected to our lineage. Wounds get handed down from generation to generation. So depending on what got handed down through your father or your mother, you are getting also a chance to do some healing work around that.

When Chiron returns to it’s original position in your chart, which will be in 2018, you have completed a Chiron cycle. Up until 2018 you have the change to desolve all issues that have caused insecurities in the past, possibly shame or guilt and emotional hurts.

With Chiron in Pisces healing comes from compassion towards oneself and what was inherited, forgiveness either towards oneself or knowing that forgiveness is already always granted by the Universe/Source, and letting go of any beliefs around being a victim or being victimized.

Having faith that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences, knowing that each moment or interaction is a gift from the Universe to help us grow and evolve, these are the gifts that Chiron in Pisces teaches.

Many blessings,

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