What’s calling to you? — Forecast for Dec. 10th – 16th


This week’s headline items: Chiron’s station continues all week and Mercury’s ends on Monday. Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on Wednesday evening. Also on Wednesday, it’s time to take actions on your New Moon Intentions. Finally, the first Quarter Moon in Pisces becomes exact on Saturday morning.

There will be three Moon VoC phases this week: Monday late afternoon (for a little over 2 hours), Thursday early morning (for a little over 2 hours), and Saturday morning (for almost 13 hours).

Before we get to this week’s forecast, I have one quick announcement:
I was interviewed last week for the “Sexually Connected” Podcast, hosted by the very lovely Claudia Soul, Relationship & Intimacy Coach to the Elite, Sexologist, Author, and Radio Host.

Questions centered around how the zodiac can influence relationships and compatibility, and particularly sexual compatibility between the signs. I had a great time, and after we were done, Claudia kindly told me “Sonja, brilliant show and we shall have you back!”

As soon as I get the audio to the Radio show, I will post the link 😉 So, watch out for it on my website or on my Facebook Fan-page

Now, this week’s Forecast:

Monday (Dec. 10th): the Moon remains in practical, accomplishment-oriented Capricorn until 6:39pm EST. We tend to be more realistic, serious, cautious; this can support practical endeavors and financial matters.

Our ambition surges and brings with it a need for structure and planning; when you add in the pragmatism this aspect supports, you can see how this could be a very productive time for business and long-term goals. Our reputation becomes very important to us.

As best as you can during this aspect, avoid “should-ing” on yourself. Take the pressure off, perhaps by saying “I am doing the best I can and that’s all I can ever do” 😉

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn; it is currently transiting through its own sign, making this a great time to take look at your long-term aspirations and anything that you would like to master over the next three years. It’s also a great time to take a more serious look at our strategies for self-mastery.

For starters: Do you truly see “what’s so” in your life (as opposed to what you merely wish it to be, or what you would like it to be, or where you see yourself going, etc)? What is actually so right now? Once you have a handle on where “A” is, it’s easier to “go from A to B” — whether “B”

Monday at 4:27pm EST, we enter a Moon Void of Course (VoC), that last for a little over 2 hours, until 6:39pm EST. You may be aware of two seemingly conflicting desires: On the one hand, a need for serious, diligent accomplishment — and on the other, a desire to break free and rebel against obligations.

As best as you can, take some breaks, and “let your freak flag fly” — just for a moment — and revel in it! As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don’t start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. You may also want to plan Monday late afternoon/early evening ahead of time. 

Monday at 6:39pm EST, the Moon moves into freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquarius, where it will journey until Thursday morning (Dec. 13th). The energy of the Aquarian Moon relates to our instinct for improvement. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional; interactions more impersonal than personal. We are likely to have an increased fascination with the new and unusual.

Social gatherings, anything connected with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas and methods, progress: all these are promoted during the time the Moon moves through Aquarius. Again: we have our eyes on the future — or on outer space 🙂 Personal freedom becomes paramount.

Also on Monday, Mercury resumes its normal pace through the sky, ending its station in 28.5 degrees of Scorpio. Communication and transportation is now back to “normal”, as are any associated gadgets, vehicles, etc. New ideas and information received during the Mercury retrograde phase (Nov. 14th — Dec. 6th) can now be reviewed. What did you discover about your inner dialogue — especially when it comes to your “expansive” or “fearful” self — during that time?

Tuesday (Dec. 11th): the Moon remains in…


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