Forecast for Feb. 12th  – 18th, 2018

The theme of last week for me was “let it flow, let it go” — I just went one day at a time, allowing what needed to come up to come on up, so it could be released. After all, all is well, no matter what the mind keeps saying about it. I could definitely feel the Eclipse energies… and self-care was soooo very needed.

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This week’s headline items: A very powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius becomes exact on Thursday late afternoon; Mercury changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces on Saturday late evening — and the Sun follows suit on Sunday around noon.

There will be three Moon VoC Phases this week: Monday night/Tuesday very early morning (for 9.5 hours), Thursday afternoon (for almost 6 hours), and Saturday early evening until Sunday morning (for almost 14 hours).

Monday (February 12th) the Moon remains in practical, accomplishment-oriented Capricorn all day. It will journey there until Tuesday late morning. We tend to be more realistic, serious, cautious; this can support practical endeavors and financial matters…


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