Join me for an intimate chat with Karen Troxell, an intuitive Facilitator & Coach.

**In this episode** we are talking about so many amazing things, including but not exclusively: Healing through community, self-care, gratitude, imbalances, the pain of shame, being human, how to deal with depression and weight issues, and more.

If you’d like to hear more on those subjects, or you are experiencing a disconnect with the world around you, I recommend watching it!

As we are moving through a time of change and unpredictability, I will be interviewing people I love and respect, to chat about their daily routines and practices that have supported them through these past 15 months or longer.

Would you like to know how to support yourself in the best way possible on a physical, emotional and mental level? Now and moving forward?

===> About Karen:
She has been an intuitive Facilitator through Movement, Meditation & Coaching, as well as uses other modalities in Sacred Retreats. You can find out more about her via her website:

She can also be reached at:


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