Are You Experiencing the Flow of Life? — Forecast for June 22nd – 28th


This week’s headline items: Neptune comes to a halt on Monday night/Tuesday very early morning, starting its 5-month retrograde phase, while Mercury’s Station ends on Wednesday (it will remain Retrograde until July 12th), and Venus goes direct, ending her retrograde and beginning her post Shadow period on Thursday very early morning. It’s time to set our New Moon/Solar Eclipse Intentions on Tuesday morning (and revisit them on Thursday evening); Mars changes signs from Pisces to Aries on Saturday late evening, and squares June 21st’s Solar Eclipse degree; and the First Quarter Moon in Libra becomes exact on Sunday early morning.

There will be three Moon VoC phases this week: Tuesday very early morning (for a little over 5 hours); Wednesday very early morning (this is a long VoC, at 35.5 hours); and Saturday late afternoon (for a brief 14 minutes).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, June 22nd:

Monday, the Moon remains in protective, nurturing Cancer all day. It will journey there until Tuesday morning. With this Moon placement, we are more sensitive to what people say and therefore our feelings are more easily hurt — so be kind to yourself and others. Self-Care is key for the next day 😉

Emotional safety is important to us as well; we like connecting to the familiar and we enjoy nurturing ourselves and others — home and family call to us, for instance. Make sure though, that your glass is filled before letting others drink from it, otherwise you might start to feel drained and resentful.

Monday late afternoon, we are in a state of “flow” and emotional connection to others; spiritual and creative endeavors are favored.

Monday late evening, we may take an all-or-nothing attitude toward others; this could drive some tension or oppositional behaviors… As best you can, remain flexible and practice self-care — take good care of your emotional and physical body — that way, you’ll remain able to empower yourself and others. As best as you can, also tap into a greater wisdom that helps you grow in your career goals and expand your dealings out there in the world.

Monday night/Tuesday very early morning, Neptune comes to a halt in 21 degrees of Pisces, beginning a 5-month Retrograde phase. Until this ends on Nov 28th, we are invited to access Neptune’s energy from within: Our intuition will be very strong during this time.

We can see how connected we are to our Higher Self/The Universe/Source. What’s more, we have an opportunity to dissolve any barriers between us and our Soul’s guidance. Are we sensing our Soul’s desire for love and oneness to the fullest? Are we resting enough? Are we connecting to our intuition? Is anything keeping us from experiencing the flow of life?

Some of us will feel the effects more than others. This is particularly true if you have personal planets in…


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