Listening, An Art Form — Forecast for May 27th – June 2nd


This week’s headline items: Neptune starts its station phase on Saturday, preparing for its retrograde phase, and on that same day, Mars reaches 10.5 degrees of Cancer — which happens to be the degree of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (on July 2nd). There will be three Moon VoC phases this week: Monday night/Tuesday very early morning (for a little over 14 hours), Thursday late morning (just over 13.5 hours), and Saturday evening (almost 13 hours).


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Now for this week’s Forecast…


Monday, May 27th:

Monday, the Moon remains in creative, sensitive Pisces all day, where it will journey until Tuesday afternoon.This Moon placement often finds us more sensitive, intuitive, idealistic and imaginative than normal. We also have a greater capacity for compassion, sympathy and affection for all — but especially for those who suffer or can be regarded as the underdog.

But… that very idealism could also be our downfall at this time: We tend to see the best in everyone and everything, and when reality doesn’t match our idyllic vision, we might feel upset and even victimized by those harsh realities. A way out of this is to channel our idealism into spiritual or creative endeavors.

It’s also a great time for releasing fears — especially the ones based on a sense of separation — and experiencing “oneness”. Feelings tend to flow more freely; as best as you can, let them — in fact, “going with the flow” is the best way to go until Tuesday afternoon.

Monday very early morning, we feel a need to go within — and also want to connect, learn and share. This tension clearly invites us to stretch a little and resolve it through creative solutions — the key here is to listen to our intuition, so we don’t drive ourselves or others crazy.

Monday morning: we’ll get an opportunity to be very present — and also to connect with others through our values. This is a great time for getting practical advice around financial stuff. As best as you can, bring a sense of flow and faith to your interactions with others.

Monday afternoon, we feel more sensitive and need to slow down a little. This is a great time for spiritual or creative endeavors. Energy work, or anything that requires our intuitive side, will work best for the next several hours.

Monday evening, we get an opportunity to be wholly present — and also to focus on practicalities and long-term plans. As best as you can, bring a sense of flow and faith to your business dealings.

Monday late evening, we feel a need to go within and slow down — and at the same time, we also want to move fast and have new experiences. This tension clearly invites us to stretch a little, and to seek resolution via creative solutions — the key here is to…


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