The Roles We Identify With — Forecast for Sept. 24th – 30th


This week’s headline items: the Full Moon in Aries becomes exact on Monday late evening; Venus starts to slow down on Tuesday — preparing for her 6-week Retrograde phase; Chiron re-enters Pisces on Tuesday evening; and Pluto comes to a halt on Sunday late evening — ending its 5-month Retrograde phase.

There will be four Moon VoC phases this week: Monday very early morning (for a little over 17.5 hours), Wednesday morning (for almost 21 hours), Friday early evening (for almost 15 hours), and Sunday late morning (for almost 26.5 hours).

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Now, this week’s Forecast:

Monday (Sept. 24th): the Moon remains in creative, sensitive Pisces until 7:04pm EDT. This Moon placement often finds us more sensitive, intuitive, idealistic and imaginative than normal. We also have a greater capacity for compassion, sympathy and affection for all — but especially for those who suffer or can be regarded as the underdog.

But… that very idealism could also be our downfall at this time: We tend to see the best in everyone and everything, and when reality doesn’t match our idyllic vision, we might feel upset and even victimized by those harsh realities. A way out of this is to channel our idealism into spiritual or creative endeavors.

It’s also a great time for releasing fears — especially the ones based on a sense of separation — and experiencing “oneness”. Feelings tend to flow more freely; as best as you can, let them — in fact, “going with the flow” is the best way to go for the rest of the day.

Monday at 1:26am EDT, we enter a Moon Void of Course (VoC), that last for a little over 17.5 hours, until 7:04pm EDT. Use this intuitive time to explore any beliefs connected to past experiences that left you feeling disempowered: How could an optimistic approach towards the past allow for a new perspective?

As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don’t start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. You may also want to plan Monday all day until the evening ahead of time.

Monday afternoon, a somewhat challenging Sun/Uranus aspect becomes exact at 3:09pm EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from last week Sunday evening (Sept. 23rd) on, it will remain strong until this Tuesday evening (Sept. 25th) . This aspect operates more on an internal level. We feel uneasy about something, almost awkward — and we need to make a choice… so we need to develop inner awareness.

An unexpected turn of events could leave us uneasy or unsettled. How flexible could you be, if you really tried? What needs to be shifted internally, so you can stay open and aligned with your unique, divine values?

Do you have your Ascendent, Career Point (or any personal planets) in 0-3 degrees of Libra or Taurus ? If so, you may be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aquarius or Leo (the Sun rules Leo; Uranus rules Aquarius) 

Monday at 7:04pm EDT, the Moon moves into pioneering, fast-paced Aries, where it will journey until Thursday very early morning; this Moon placement starts the build up towards the Full Moon, exact later in the evening. Life is an adventure, we’re more open to new ideas, and have great enthusiasm for new projects. Patience is certainly not our strong suit at this time, but we can decide quickly, and act immediately.

Our independence and dynamism are important to us right now, so we may find it hard to be disciplined or accept advice at this time; in general, our responses to others tend to be more assertive or even aggressive. If you find your foot tapping, try hitting the gym, or finding other ways to burn off the body’s excess energy.

Monday at 10:52pm EDT, the Sun opposes the Moon in 2 degrees of Aries. The entrance of the Moon into Aries earlier this evening started the energetic build up towards the Full Moon. The Moon in pioneering, fast-paced Aries makes an opposition to the Sun in harmony-loving, balance-seeking Libra.

Generally, a Full Moon brings our attention to our “emotional body”, increasing our awareness of what has been suppressed or ignored. If you are a site Member, you may also want to watch my video on the subject

For this Full Moon, and indeed much of this month, our attention is directed toward creating more balance in our lives and more peace in our world.

The Aries/Libra polarity directs that awareness to the roles we identify with in our various one-on-one relationships — and this Full Moon is thus a call to take action on those roles, perhaps even heal them. In particular, it brings the focus to…


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