Uranus/Pluto squares: These outer planets move more slowly through the sky and their influence is very powerful. We started to feel the approach towards the first square already back in Spring of 2011, the last exact square will be in 2015. And we will still be able to feel the effects fo this combo until 2017.

As these two planets move through this sequence, the energy rises and falls like a slow-moving, powerful tide that reaches a high point as the square becomes exact, then slowly subsides. All seven of these squares are connected to our personal and collective evolution towards greater freedom and authenticity — and also our ability to create something that serves ourselves and others over the long-term.

Two powerful planets that initiate change, transformation and revolution are in conflict with each other:

Freedom loving, progress-oriented Uranus in Aries and deeply passionate, powerful Pluto in Capricorn are at odds with each other. Uranus asks us to break away from the old, the norm, and what no longer works; to go after our personal goals without consideration of what others think of us. Uranus in Aries also represents rebellious youth. Pluto asks us to empower others and ourselves through commitment and integrity to our long-term goals and how we want to be seen in the world.

Pluto in Capricorn also represents large, bureaucratical organizations and the power they hold over others. As you can probably see, these two energies are moving in very different directions, with very different motivations. We will see this dynamic acted out on a global level between governments, corporations and alternative organizations or youth groups.

On a more personal level, we will all experience this “tug-of-war” within our own lives. Two different areas of our lives will be affected; these areas depend on your personal chart. This is a call to stretch and grow beyond what we have known ourselves to be. This might be an uncomfortable, stressful time, but it is also the most exciting time of our lives — and of the history of this planet.

Each time Uranus and Pluto connect until 2015, the stakes will get higher, especially if we haven’t yet stepped up to the plate. It’s about progressive change: each of us stepping up, stretching ourselves, making a difference, one by one. Are you still watching from the sidelines? Where could you play a bigger game?

We feel a deep inner need to create personal and global change. We see and sense shifts in the world at large. Authenticity and individual self-expression are paramount. The meaning of “Leadership” is changing, in that we all need to lead now, in our own lives and for the higher good of all. We are being ask to follow our passions and empower ourselves and others as much as possible. Again: Each one of us is being asked to stretch ourselves, to step up and play a bigger game. Where are you being called to step up?

If you are scared to let go of the “old you” or the “old way of life”, you are going to feel the intensity of these squares triplefold. As best as you can, keep your heart wide open and look to see what you want to create for yourself and this planet. Flexibility, Courage, Self-Empowerment: these are the watchwords! Remember: what you do for you, you do for everyone… and what you do for everyone, you do for you!

If you have any personal planets or an Ascendent/Rising Sign (or Career point) in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius, you are going to feel the dance of these two planest more strongly than others.

Feel free to reach out for support on this journey of personal growth and evolution.
Love and blessings,


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