On Dec. 14th at 11:17am EST, a powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in 23 degrees of Sagittarius becomes exact.

Solar Eclipses are extra-powerful New Moons that take place approximately every 6 months. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon momentarily interrupts the normal flow of solar radiation, destabilizing existing configurations of energy and reorganizing consciousness to a higher level. Solar Eclipses indicate the beginning of a new experience, project, or cycle.

This is the last of six Eclipses in 2020. While there is a New Moon each month, Eclipses occur only 4-7 times a year, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are precisely enough aligned. You may also want to watch my Solar Eclipse video.

Eclipses usually come in pairs (Solar and Lunar), and Eclipse season starts 10 days before the first Eclipse (in this case, the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini), and continues through the time of the second Eclipse (for this eclipse season, that would be the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ). This Eclipse Season thus started back on Nov. 20th and will last until Dec. 24th, 2020.

While eclipse season is underway, allow for new templates to download; stay centered and do your best to ground from within — try using conscious breathing and conscious flexibility — and best of all, see if you can move to the “observer position” when it comes to the emotional and mental body. And remember, this won’t last forever: on Dec. 24th, the downloads are complete 😉

Eclipses are a time for clarifying and affirming our highest path. We are bound to experience a release of some sort, and a recalibration — “old” codes will get deleted and new ones downloaded, especially in connection with belief systems, social and cultural conditioning, and assumptions we carry around with us. This helps us see from a wider perspective.

The Sun and Moon are connected to one of the Moon Nodes during an Eclipse, switching between the North and South Node Eclipses, emphasizing the evolutionary upgrades that are available to us during such times. This is the first South Node Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius since the Moon Nodes moved into the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity in early May 2020.

South Node Eclipses ask us to release or redefine energies or attachments that no longer serve our Soul’s evolution. They highlight past issues that need our attention, so we can grow beyond our conditioning, individually and collectively.

Eclipses are crossroads or turning points along our Soul’s Journey. They are often marked by events or situations that signify a critical shift in our lives, nudging us to either change and grow, or face greater difficulties at the next turning point.

Solar Eclipses, in particular, often correspond with major endings and beginnings. They occur close to the same degree every 19 years and the last time we had a South Node Solar Eclipse in that same degree was in Dec. 2001.

We are likely to experience a resonance between now and that time — “resonant”, rather than identical — so think back to the Winter of 2001/2002, and ask yourself: Were there any major endings and beginnings? What was important to me back then? If I were to take those priorities to the next level, where would that next level find me?

If you’re looking for more guidance on those questions, I would suggest taking a look at your Natal Chart — the House placement of the Eclipse will indicate which area of life is most ready to release outdated beliefs and social conditioning and go to a new level of consciousness. If that idea appeals, check out my free 30-minute class, “How to Read My Birth Chart”.

Solar Eclipses are a good time to go within, to seed anything we would like to redefine or release over the next 6 months — we’ll dig into this in more detail towards the end of this article, when we talk about setting Solar Eclipse Intentions.

With the Solar Eclipse in optimistic, adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius, we seek to expand our day-to-day knowledge and look for a larger perspective. For the next six months, ask yourself


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Do you have your Ascendant (or any personal planets) in 18-28 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces? If so, you may feel the effects of this extra powerful New Moon more strongly. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer).

Setting Intentions for a Solar Eclipse is a little different from the regular monthly New Moon process — after all, we are setting them for the whole 6-month Eclipse cycle, rather than just the next 28 days.

Solar Eclipse Intentions are best done 48 hours after the Eclipse becomes exact. We are downloading new templates at the time of an Eclipse, and the energies are quite intense, so we want to wait until it all settles down a little before setting our intentions… We also definitely do not want to do this during a Moon void of course.

There are therefore two best and most potent times to set your Intentions for this Solar Eclipse: the first lasts a little over 13 hours, between 11:17am (on Dec. 16th) and 12:34am (on Dec. 17th) — and the second for almost 34 hours, between 1:27am (Dec. 17th) and 11:17am Friday (Dec. 18th) — (in US Eastern Time — i.e. the New York time zone).

Set powerful intentions — again, they cover the next six months — and if possible, align them with the Sagittarian energy! If you live in a timezone other than EST (US East Coast-time), and converting time zones isn’t your thing, I suggest joining my Facebook Fan-page and/or following me on Twitter, as I post reminders when it’s time to set your intentions 😉

For more details on how to set Intentions, click here.

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