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Where and how have you experienced wounding in your life? How can you heal and see the gift of that wound? Find answers to these questions and have a better understanding of your personal healing journey.

Let’s talk about:

  • The difference between childhood experiences and adult choices.
  • The importance of house placements for outer planets and Chiron
  • Placement of Chiron between Saturn and Uranus: the link/bridge from the material/karmic world to the Soul’s greater vision for life on Earth.

Chiron: the Wounded Healer: connect to the wounding within and rise above it through love compassion and understanding. Bring what you learn from this journey to the world, to others

This audio recording includes many valuable hand outs and you will get a chance to do hands-on work with your own birth chart:

The German astrologer Eva Stangenberg makes the following summary of these various themes of Chiron:

“Chiron’s position in the natal chart shows us where we experience a division between the material and the spiritual world, a wounding. However, it also represents our greatest chance to overcome it and become whole. And with the spiritual insight of Uranus we can recognize the unity of body and soul not only in ourselves but in everything that exists… Chiron is not about achieving mastery through diligence and hard work as is the case with Saturn, or by releasing the energy bound to traumatic experiences as is the case with Pluto, but simply by accepting the deficit of not being “whole”… Only through our experiences with this feeling and the acceptance of not being “whole” can we begin to understand this problem in others… We share with others our compassion, our understanding, our experiences, and by doing this we can help them. This doesn’t entail sacrificing something which makes us “poorer”, on the contrary, we”achieve” a connection, create a wholeness where before there was division.”

Look at the house placement of Chiron in your chart and at the ruler of the sign Chiron occupies.

Chiron in the natal chart points to our deepest wounds, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – anything we wish hadn’t happened to us. This is also our “shadow” – the parts of ourselves we had to ignore, condemn, or lock away, in order to live within our family and society.

As Carl Jung so memorably said though ”The gold is always in the shadows”. Within these locked and darkened rooms lie all our benefits, blessings, lessons and gifts. When we reintegrate what we banished, we become truly unique – unlike anyone else who has ever lived. Chiron tells us that, no matter how painful or shameful, every wound holds a gift.

Trying to “fix” these wounds sends the message that the wound itself is “wrong” and we are broken because of it – we are just driving it deeper into the shadow. The healing path to wholeness is simply to approach the wound ‐‐ and to accept our own perfection, exactly as we are (and are not). We sit with the wound compassionately, as we would with a wounded relative, until it reveals its gifts.

Chiron is not only a pointer then, it is also a catalyst for “self‐alchemy” – a way to turn our personal “base metals” into gold. It is both guide and process in this quantum leap of consciousness.

Chiron: Bridge between Saturn and Uranus, link between social and outer planets: connects the worldly with the spiritual, the physical with the non-physical, we are being reminded of our humanity and to see it as a gift

Outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: they connect us to the Soul’s wishes, dreams and desires

Uranus:The Soul’s wish for freedom and change (idealistic): divine creativity, innovation and intelligence (speed things up)

Neptune:The Soul’s dream of oneness and unconditional love (spiritual):

Divine love, presence and creativity (slows things down)

Pluto:The Soul’s desire for feeling fully empowered and passionate about life (emotional): divine will, purpose and power (deepens our experiences)

Moon Nodes: represent our Soul’s Journey: Past, Future and the integration of the two in the Present

Look at the house placement of Chiron in your chart and at the ruler of the sign Chiron occupies.

Chiron in Aries:
April 1st 1968 – Oct.18th 1968
January 31st 1969 – May 28th 1976
Oct. 14th 1976 – March 28th 1977

Chiron in Taurus
May 29th 1976 – Oct. 13th 1976
March 29th 1977 – June 19th 1983
Nov. 30th 1983 – April 11th 1984

Chiron in Gemini
June 20th 1983 – Nov. 29th 1983
April 12th 1984 – June 21st 1988

Chiron in Cancer
Jan. 1st 1940 – June 17th 1941
June 22nd 1988 – July 21st 1991

Chiron in Leo
Oct. 1st 1940 – Dec. 31st 1940
June 18th 1941 – July 27th 1943
July 22nd 1991 – Sept. 4th 1993

Chiron in Virgo
July 28th 1943 – Nov. 18th 1944
March 25th 1945 – July 22nd 1945
Sept. 5th 1993 – Sept. 8th 1995

Chiron in Libra
Nov.19th 1944 – March 24th 1945
July 23rd 1945 – Nov. 10th 1946
Sept. 9th 1995 – Dec.29th 1996
April 6th 1997 – Sept. 3rd 1997

Chiron in Scorpio
Nov.11th 1946 – Nov.28th 1948
Sept. 4th 1997 – Jan. 7th 1999
June 2nd 1999 – Sept. 22nd 1999

Chiron in Sagittarius:
Nov. 29th 1948 – Feb. 9th 1951
June 19th 1951 – Nov.4th 1951

Chiron in Capricorn
Feb. 10th 1951 – June 18th 1951
Nov.5th 1951 – Jan. 28th 1955

Chiron in Aquarius
Jan. 29th 1955 – March 26th 1960
Aug. 20th 1960 – Jan. 20th 1961

Chiron in Pisces
March 27th 1960 – Aug. 19th 1960
Jan. 21st 1961 – March 31st 1968
Oct. 19th 1968 – Jan. 30th 1969

How are Pluto and Chiron Different?

Pluto Chiron
Empowerment process Healing process
Letting go of what’s dead and toxic Acceptance, embracing our imperfections – allowing ourselves to be human, with compassion for our limitations
 Trauma or disempowerment from the past A wound handed down from our ancestors
Attachments/control – holding on out of fear, wanting to protect ourselves Insecurity, shame, abandonment

Imagine you’re looking inside a refrigerator…

You spot a piece of fruit that’s been in there for too long and is starting to rot. You take it out and throw it away, so that the rest of the fruit doesn’t rot as well. We let the dead, toxic fruit go, so we can feel healthy and empowered. That’s Pluto…

But perhaps there’s another piece of fruit in the refrigerator, that has a dimple or looks crooked. We don’t necessarily throw it out – it’s not bad, it’s just “wounded”. We accept it for what it is and develop compassion for its “flaw”, for being less than perfect. We develop an understanding about what it’s like to be less-than-perfect and can therefore accept this in others as well.

That’s Chiron – the Wound itself feels like it is a “disconnect”, but it is actually the connector between the physical and spiritual realms. Through the wound, we have the ability to learn compassion, and allow ourselves to be unique.

Conjunction: 0 degrees: they have a first house/Aries/Mars feel to them:

  • Powerful connections
  • Emphasis
  • New beginnings

Planets involved are in the same sign

Square: 90 degrees: they have a cardinal feel:

  • Dynamic action required
  • Stimulating
  • Stress/Stretch/Growth
  • Healthy Challenge
  • A need to Evolve

Opening Square: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – fourth House/Cancer/Moon] feel to them:

  • more emotional
  • feeling of uncertainty
  • flexibility is required/ creative solutions are necessary
  • feels uncomfortable because it’s a new and different situation
  • need to move forward, make progress

Closing Square: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – tenth House/Capricorn/Saturn] feel to them:

  • brings up our fears
  • more about taking responsibility
  • feels like pressure
  • requires making mature decisions
  • it’s time to wrap things up

Signs involved have the same modality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable)

Opposition: 180 degrees: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – seventh House/Libra/Venus] feel to them:

  • it’s all about awareness through conflict: self-awareness and awareness of the other
  • this leads to: cooperation
  • this leads to balance/harmony: inner and outer

Signs involved are opposite each other (same modality, opposite sign)

Trine: 120 degrees: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – fifth House/Leo/Sun] feel to them:

  • harmonious
  • confident/centered
  • creative flow

they can also have a [first house/Aries/Mars – ninth House/Sagittarius/Jupiter] feel to them:

  • indulgent/expansive
  • overly confident/optimistic
  • inspirational
  • flow and ease

Signs involved have the same element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)

Inconjunct: 150 degrees: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – sixth House/Virgo/Mercury] feel to them:

  • requires adjustments/flexibility
  • internal stress/strain
  • requires re-organisation
  • awareness and a new perspective is required

they can also have a [first house/Aries/Mars – eighth House/Scorpio/Pluto] feel to them:

  • all of the above
  • plus going deeper, researching our options
  • fully embracing all of energies involved
  • requires the ability to release what no longer serves us

Signs involved have nothing in common (differnet element, modality and nature: feminine/masculine)

Sextile: 60 degrees: they have a [first house/Aries/Mars – third House/Gemini/Mercury] feel to them:

  • opportunity to make something happen by taking actions
  • opportunity to be productive or creative
  • easy communication between the two planets involved
  • compatibility
  • must use them actively to benefit

they can also have a [first house/Aries/Mars – eleventh House/Aquarius/Uranus] feel to them:

  • all of the above
  • plus Self-expression with a cause
  • friendly, supportive energies to realize a better future
  • possibilities that are waiting to be realized

Signs involved are both feminine or both masculine in nature (Fire & Air signs or Earth & Water signs)

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All written materials handed out are © 2013 by Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis

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