Join me for an intimate chat with Yvette Lenhart, a Pilates Instructor & Efficient Full-Body Workout Trainer. Yvette is also co-founder of Strength & Serenity® Wellness Retreats.

This is the third of many in an Interview Series on “How to deal with Uncertainty & Change”. Watch it now!

As we are moving through a time of change and unpredictability, I will be interviewing people I love and respect, to chat about their daily routines and practices that have supported them through these past 15 months. **In this episode** we focus on being your own authority when it comes to your body, and your fitness.

Would you like to know how to support yourself in the best way possible on a physical, emotional and mental level? Now and moving forward?

===> To find out more about Yvette…
~ For live classes visit her website:
~ Find Yvette on YouTube:
~ or StrengthAndSerenityRetreats
~ To ask her questions about her classes or retreats, email her at:

Yvette’s upcoming Retreats are:
July 22 – 25th in Hudson Valley, NY
Oct. 11th – 16th in Sedona, Arizona

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