On Oct. 10th 2017, Jupiter moved from relationship-oriented, harmony-seeking Libra into passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio, where it will journey until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle, so the last time it traveled through this transformative sign was from Oct. 2005 to Nov. 2006; the time before that was Nov. 1993 to Dec. 1994. 

Think back to those times… what possibilities or opportunities arose for you? In what ways did you grow or expand? What felt like a birth or a new beginning at that time? How could you take all of that to the next level?

One thing to keep in mind when looking at those dates in the past: you are no longer the same person. Your level of consciousness that you have now, is very different from what is was 12 or 24 years ago. The past never repeats itself in the same exact way, especially not when we have been continually growing and evolving on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level!

Jupiter symbolizes the principle of expansion; in Libra it holds a magnifying glass over “fair play”, moderation and balance within our relationships and our environment — and changes our perspective on justice and peace. Since Libra is all about weighing our options and wanting to be fair and just, we tend to not make decisions very easily, rather we tend to go back and forth, back and forth, trying to get to the ideal of what we are seeking.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, the magnifying glass now swings over to authentic, emotional commitments or connections. We are invited to seek a deeper understanding of our subconscious drives and fears, of any suppressed or denied parts of ourselves, so we can feel more fully and authentically connected to all parts of ourselves (and thereby feel empowered). Everything in the human unconscious is lit up. 

Jupiter promotes a greater understanding of all of our emotions (the good the bad and the ugly, the instinctual and intuitive) and our ability or inability to have intimacy. We tend to have more of an all-or-nothing, do-or-die attitude towards life… Sex, money, power, shared resources and emotional vitality (i.e. passion) become key issues.  

We can definitely attract the most good fortune when we give our “all” into a project or undertaking — and use our magnetic powers to heal others.

For the next 13 months, we are supported in discovering our motivations and releasing what holds us back from achieving our true desires. We’re also supported in feeling fully empowered in collaborations with others. This is a good time for dealing with outdated psychological patterns, clearing out the basement, or embarking on an deep, meaningful adventure.

The phase now beginning emphasizes detoxing and clearing out what is “broken” or unhealthy, thereby giving us a new lease on life. We are more passionate and persistent at this time. We learn about giving up something in order to get (or create) something empowering (for ourselves and others — empowerment is key!) 

This process very well could operate on an unconscious level, so any shadow work that we invest in will pay off; we are able to feel more optimistic about our discoveries and we gain a new perspective about those suppressed or denied parts of ourselves.

Since Scorpio also deals with other people’s resources, we can see greater possibilities when it comes to financial collaborations, and any gifts or talents that others offer us. Merging and connecting our talents with others will most likely feel exhilarating and create a fresh start or a new birth of some kind.

We are also more likely to be enthusiastic for deeper studies and meanings — all that is taboo or mysterious (perhaps even occult), psychology, research of all types and levels… and the possibility for deep bonding, whether on a physical or emotional level. 

Questions you could ask yourself: What might promote a deeper connection to myself? Is there a journey I could embark on that would open my eyes to a deeper understanding of my own psyche? What needs to end, for a renewed empowerment and passion for life to emerge?

Collectively, we will probably see the full spectrum of possibilities expressed; Scorpio is complex, with potentially high, positive meanings, along with darker ones. That which is taboo is brought to the surface. We see our fears crystalized and expressed in the outside world. 

The lower vibrations of Scorpio such as repression, obsession, dark and heavy brooding, addictions, extreme behaviors and power struggles might show up as well. No matter what we experience on a collective level, ultimately, if we are open to seeing the bigger picture, our own personal journey will guide us into a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Pluto as the modern ruler, and Mars as the traditional ruler of Scorpio play an important role in our journey towards greater empowerment.

Saturn moved through Scorpio from Oct. 2012 until Dec. 2014, and June 2015 until Sept. 2015. As Jupiter moves over the same ground in our charts, we get an opportunity to build on the structures and groundwork that was laid back then.  Think back to that time: Did you do the work? What structures did you build at that time? What has changed for you since? How could you create a bigger win or opportunities now?

Where does the Jupiter-in-Scorpio transit fall in your own birth chart? What aspects does it make during the year-long transit? How does a wise response to one house support more expansion in the next one? What outward opportunities arise as Jupiter interacts with any of your personal planets? Where is your natal Jupiter in your own Birth chart?

If you’d like more insight into those questions, we also covered the Jupiter movement through Scorpio in great detail in our October Forecasting Forum — if you want to know how this planetary movement is impacting you personally for the next 13 months, feel free to get the video-presentation of the last webinar — we applied the Jupiter movement to our own birth charts! Click here to purchase our webinar on the subject

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