A client of mine asked me yesterday:

“I did have one question for you regarding my first Saturn Return. I guess I’m just a bit afraid that there will be some cataclysmic event that will occur in and around the day it is exact. If there were to be one main event that would occur, I’m wondering what that could be?” 
In regards to your question about the Saturn Return, usually when we are in denial about our lives/something in our life or we rationalize things, we will have a rude awakening during a Saturn transit. 

However, if you are a realistic person and you are making a conscious effort to look at yourself, your reality, your goals in life, with maturity and by taking responsibility for yourself, you are not going to have a “cataclysmic event”. 
Saturn is all about growing up and facing reality…in Scorpio, we need to face a deeper truth, it operates more on a psychological and emotional level. What are you most afraid of? It’s time to face your fears. Fear is the only thing holding you back. Open your heart and jump 🙂
With Saturn in the first house, I would advise you to listen to your body and your inner passions. You may need to make adjustments in your life and you may need to slow things down and take them step by step… as long as you are listening to all the messages from the Universe, you are not going to have a “cataclysmic event”. 
Trust yourself! You are the one manifesting and creating things in your life. Take responsibility for what you are manifesting and you will become a master manifester!
Through all of it though, remain kind and loving with yourself! Have compassion. You are not at the end of your life, you are at the very beginning…your learning is just beginning 🙂
Sending you love and light,
PS: If you would like to know more about your personal Saturn Return and how it does affect you, feel free to reach out and schedule a reading with me (sonja@AstrologerCoach.com). I do all my readings via skype or phone 😉

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