Forecast for Feb. 26th – March 4th

Last week was super intense for me…. wow… haven’t felt like that since I was a teenager… looks like some really “old” stuff is coming up to be released… all that Pisces energy that we’re currently experiencing really requires the release of anything that is not serving higher consciousness. So much water, so many feelings coming up, floods everywhere, both literal or metaphorical, flushing out systems. All I wanted to do was go within and baby myself… and then the first Quarter Moon in Gemini happened on Friday… so it was more about continuously emailing and communicating with everybody instead ūüôā

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This week’s headline items: the Full Moon in Virgo becomes exact on Thursday evening;¬†Jupiter is stationing all week (and this station intensifies on Saturday night).

There will also be three Moon VoC phases this week: Monday late afternoon (for almost 7 hours), Wednesday evening (for a little over 6.5 hours), and Friday evening (for 8.5 hours).

Monday (February 26th): the Moon remains in¬†protective, nurturing¬†Cancer until 11:42pm EST.¬†With this Moon placement, we are more sensitive to what people say and therefore our feelings are more easily hurt — so be kind to yourself and others. Self-Care is key ūüėČ


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