Do Work that Helps Others — Forecast for June 15th – 21st


This week’s headline items: Neptune’s station intensifies on Monday; the Balsamic Moon phase begins very early on Wednesday; Mercury comes to a halt and goes retrograde on Wednesday night/Thursday very early morning; Venus’ station intensifies on Friday; the Sun aligns with the North Node in Gemini on Friday evening; on Saturday late afternoon, the Sun moves into Cancer (this marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere); and a powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer becomes exact very early on Sunday.

There will be three Moon VoC phases this week: Monday late evening (for a little over 8.5 hours); Thursday morning (9 hours); and Saturday early evening (a little over 8 hours).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, June 15th:

Monday, the Moon remains in pioneering, fast-paced Aries all day. It will journey there until Tuesday morning. Life is an adventure, we’re more open to new ideas, and have great enthusiasm for new projects. Patience is certainly not our strong suit at this time, but we can decide quickly, and act immediately.

Our independence and dynamism are important to us right now, so we may find it hard to be disciplined or accept advice at this time; in general, our responses to others tend to be more assertive or even aggressive. If you find your foot tapping, try exercising, or finding other ways to burn off the body’s excess energy.

Monday early evening,  we are again invited to make adjustments and find creative solutions around personal desires and needs, versus our deep passion and focus on long-term goals. As best as you can, allow yourself to make space for both; flexibility and adaptability are key if we mean to move forward with our plans and projects…

Monday evening, we have an opportunity to connect with others and move a project forward that is dear to us. It’s time for action: What small (or even large) action steps could you take? Or is it a question of “who” rather than “how”?

Monday at 8:49pm EDT, we enter a Moon Void of Course (VoC), that lasts for a little over 8.5 hours, until 5:35am EDT (on Tuesday). Use this intuitive time to make adjustments and find creative solutions around the tension between your personal desires and needs, versus your need for expansion and new perspectives on a professional level and in regards to long-term goals.

As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don’t start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. You may also want to plan Monday evening until Tuesday early morning ahead of time.

Also, on Monday, Neptune’s station intensifies — and will appear to move more slowly through the sky until June 30th. It is getting ready to come to a halt and start it’s 5-month retrograde phase on June 23rd (more on that next week…)

A planet’s energies are more exalted during it’s “station period”; this has even more weight for an outer planet, as they move more slowly and their stations last much longer. This Neptune station is particularly strong, since it occurs in Pisces, its own sign.

Neptune represents things like universal love, our inner divinity, spirituality, inspiration, compassion, faith — plus creative and imaginative realms such as music or film — while the shadow side is confusion, illusion and escapism of all kinds. We start to be aware of all those energies more fully in our lives.

This awareness helps us to connect more fully to those energies as they exist within us. We can then see where we need to either embrace them more fully, or connect to them in a healthy way, that doesn’t involve getting lost in the murky lower vibrations of their expression.

Some of us will feel the effects of this station more than others: those of us with a Pisces Sun- or Rising-Sign (Ascendant) — and those of us with personal planets and points in…


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